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He’s over 80 years old.”INITIATION: “Tim gave me my first bike. ’ ”TRAINING WHEELS: “The first bike I bought was a Giant with 26-inch tires. I told him I didn’t want to get lapped anymore.”ALL PAIN, ALL VERTICAL GAIN: “To me it’s all about going uphill. Then I saw a mountain lion poke its head out, and I’m like, “Oh shit! They say to act big, so I got off my bike, started jumping up and down.I wasn’t clipping in—he just wanted me to get used to it on the trails behind my house. It took off.”NEVER ALONE: “I always said to myself, ‘Ray Allen and Larry Bird are up as early as I am working out.’ Now, when I’m riding my bike at age 50, I’m saying, ‘Someone somewhere is cranking just as hard, wanting to stay in shape. ’ That motivates me.”BRANCHING OUT: “Everyone talks about Utah riding, slickrock and all that.If you mountain-bike in the hills of Malibu, California, you may occasionally glimpse a six-foot-seven man whipping past you. The former Indiana Pacers star and NBA Hall of Famer now works as a game analyst for TNT, which begins airing the NBA Playoffs in April.When he’s not courtside, he’s often on a custom Moots bike that can accommodate both his long frame and a Bluetooth speaker to blast Jay-Z and Ice Cube as he climbs up fire roads and sails down singletrack.I go through the mountain-bike magazines at the shop and I think, That’d be awesome. And I came around a corner, hit a boulder, and went over my handlebars. And the fat-bike trend: I want to do that on snow and ice. Reblogged By: De De Tillman; Asian Celebrity Re-Blogger Source:sports.Posted: Monday November 9, 2015 @ p.m PST Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson has died due to catastrophic organ failure, according to multiple reports.Every gaming group seems to have that one guy who not only memorized the rulebook cover-to-cover but also isn't afraid to speak out whenever anyone — including the Game Master — tries to bend or ignore one, especially if calling them out works to his own advantage.

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Wojnarowski details that Simon has been asking people he respects, such as Donnie Walsh, as to how they think Miller would deal with the transition from television to management.He took a very troubled franchise and ended up in the Eastern Conference finals six times." Arthroscopic knee surgery is one of the more minor procedures a player can undergo, so his absence shouldn't extend beyond that 2-3 week window.Cory Joseph should be starting over the next few weeks with Collison unavailable, so he could be worth a speculative add in deep leagues, although he's more of a wait-and-see guy in 12-team leagues with 13 roster spots.Miller will be inducted sooner or later, but we're not at all sure why or how he could have been left off this year (among those to make the cut were Dennis Rodman, Chris Mullin, Bernard King, and Mark Jackson).To quote Donnie Walsh, who drafted Miller in 1987, "If he's not a Hall of Fame guy, I don't know who is...

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