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Jesse becomes acquainted with the local pastor, her widowed brother-in-law, falling in love with him, much to the dismay of the community.Things get even more complicated when her ex-husband comes calling, suspiciously trying to win her back.So while the dialogue had moments of brilliance, it also had moments that were authentically routine without devolving into cliché. The characters were good but not great, deserving more development and depth.Where others see a lack of chemistry I see an intentional exploration of the routine aspect of relationships.Where the film shines is in its willingness to explore things as they are, not as art wishes them to be.The pastor's strange refusal to ask God for personal things, for example, is appropriately un-profound, just as Naomi's grief is muted and opaque.This is a modern language authoritative Bible translation produced by the Jehovah's Witnesses and would not typically be a Bible used by an Evangelical pastor.

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All I can say is do the right thing FOX and bring Point Pleasant back!!!!Where some might see a hackneyed approach to the relationship of questions and faith, a theme that features prominently in the film, it struck me as more authentic because the questions were human questions instead of artistic questions.In other words, the film accurately reflected that most people's questions are not original.The war is inexorably on its way, but when it will start and what side Christina will choose when it does remain shrouded in doubt. It takes time to tell the story and to build things up.There are many of us who really loved this show and it was not given proper time to gain an audience.

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