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Recognizing bits of it, he widens his eyes, and starts running toward the threat. It's all good." Satoshi begins attacking from multiple angles...including cutting off the tail that had impaled the poor woman. With Arrancar like me, it's the reverse: We were hollows, we gained shinigami powers when we were unmasked, but at the core of our being we're still hollows." To drive this point home, Mia reaches to the bottom of her shirt and unzips enough so that her hollow hole is readily visible. I'll let the others know." He then sighs, his head leaning back over the top of the bench, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Why do the pretty girls always have some bad news attached, immediately or eventually? But on the other hand...flawed as some of them are, the Shinigami are good people overall. One of the other nice Arrancar, Elizabeth Rosemarie - sweetest girl in any world - Doesn't keep it a secret that she'd rather we coexist peacefully." "Part of me has to ask if any Shinigami have said something similar. But..sounds like you're not a high-level decision maker, no offense. What wasn't destroyed by the beam is scattered by the blastwave. " On impulse, he darted over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. During this past month, and with the help of that kind store-owner, her powers have returned and are now almost what they were before. " she shouted at him as she suddenly shunpoed in between him and Mia, drawing her Zanpakuto and standing herself in guard, the sword lowered at the Arrancar. However, it would seem a lot more has happened." she said to Tyler without taking her eyes off of Mia, "And you! "As for what I am and what I've been responsible for, I've caused dangerous increases in stress in one of your criminally insane vice-captains, and am indirectly responsible for Father's last attack on Soul Society when he came to rescue me from imprisonment. "Tyler, tell Masato that the lady with the squid hat says 'Hi! I did not want to do something like this to you, and I don't think the Arrancar wanted to either... that is the battle between a captain, and something else. do, and nono, I'm not hungry." She put the can of soda down, "Now tell me, what is going on captain? roars Abokku, its voice so loud that its volume alone is probably enough to send them both a step back. He then tries to deliver a kick to Shiru's head, hoping to drive him out the already-busted window. He then turns away and begins to stalk towards Masato. Giriko chuckles as the house seems to mold around him, swallowing him up, the golden chains falling to the ground with a clatter before fading away. "Fine, that captain would have interfered but now it seems he's forced my, our hand." Brushing her fringe out of her line of vison she turned to face gene "Go, right now. The next thing Masato knew, Shirubaru's foot was pressed to his face and springing him straight backwards into the wall. Now in full Shinigami robes, Masato jumped from the debris, gripping the hilt of his zanpakuto as tightly as he could.

Vileblood's reiatsu spike can easily be felt from where Siegfried is reading. "Well, it's like that with shinigami Vizards as well: They were shinigami, they gained hollow powers, but at the core of their being they're still shinigami. in fact, there's a whole mess of them, of other missing little girls. Doing what, who knows, but one can assume it isn't any good..."Blue tatoos, eyes, bad, run. I mean, on one hand, you're a nice girl, and you're nice on the eyes. "You know, part of me wishes we hadn't met, because before that, it was much simpler. "As for the war being complicated, it's not only hard on you. "If you gather the energy at a single point, generally the one you find the easiest to focus your energy on, it can be fired in a much stronger blast. Cero." With that, the cero fires, and the cloud is gone. Now I can totally roast any Hollows that come around here! "Well done, Tyler, well done."Coming from a rooftop below them, Senna appears. I investigated the reiatsu coming from Tyler when I sensed his combat with the... I'm not sure how much of it your superiors would want to keep from your ears, so I'll simply say I came to Tyler's aid by attacking the one responsible for the girl's condition." Mia sheathes her zanpaktou properly, which she had had a loose grip on so she could put a hand on Tyler's shoulder with the blade pointing safely away. He was trying to see if the Captain of the 8th Squad was as ready to throw himself in harm's way to defend others as the 2nd. My diet of souls has been strictly on other hollows from the beginning." She waves her hand, opening a garganta, she steps in, turns around, and waves goodbye to the both of them as the garganta closes. You keep right on protecting everyone, Senna.""Tyler... He was supposedly responsible for blowing up an entire building complex with one of his Ceros." She sheaths her Zanpakuto, the massive reiatsu of the combat between Satoshi and Vileblood still clashing against them like waves, "And with all of this... if you can feel the preassure right now, the stormy, unseen sea that presses against us... The most beautiful zanpakuto of Soul Society, it has been a long time since last she released it."I swear to you! " She hears the captain laugh as she shunpos off, dashing through the air, the firebird, Hōō, flying next to her, she hurries toward the appartment, even form this far away, she can see the light of the reiatsu flaring from it."Ah, ****." Tyler, hoping Masato will follow, sonido's over to Shiru. " iruh S catches Tyler's kick in its mouth and swings round, slamming him towards the kitchen counter. please don't die." the air rushes past her, and from her wake, a handful of autumn leaves seem to constantly scatter. The woman in front of him sighed deeply then put her head in her hands as if in deep thought and closed her eyes. He decided to take a leap of faith and lunged toward him, hoping maybe he would catch him off guard, but his body moved too sluggishly to keep up.

I'll keep my eyes open for any more kids messed with by that psycho. Siegfried bows in return, a European courtly one rather than the traditional Japanese nod.

Later." With a jaunty wave, he takes off walking with Mia. So long as we don't, you know, blow up the city or something.""Thanks." He gives an informal Air Force salute.

Nukari withdraws to a tree to watch the fun as someone walked by. then she looks up at Tyler with yellow, wolf-like eyes. Tyler might notice she has equally sharp claws on her toes. Meanwhile, the little girl has regained her breath, and is viciously clawing at Tyler with her toe-claws attempting to get out, and biting at his arms (likely unsuccessfully). The blades are slowly sinking down into the earth, tiny engraved faces appearing on their hilts and screaming in shrill voices. Although Tyler got in the first strike, Masato leaped in from the other side, ready to swing his burning blade in a wide arc.

Tyler was walking through the park, enjoying the day, taking a break in training. At close inspection, the "Vizard" might notice an insignia emblazoned into her neck; The same mark that he might have seen on Shirubaru's uniform. A single figure stands before Shirubaru in the field. Back in the Mortal World, more helicopters begin to buzz overhead. There is a vast explosion, but urih S has already lost interest.

It feels good to be able to speak for myself at last. Aren't you meant to look like me, but with the colour scheme reversed, or something? Shirubaru, tolls the Hollow, its blazing red eyes regarding him intently. Oddly enough, it has a white mask ( wrapped to it's head, as well as a chokuto strapped to it's back. But, it easily takes urih S by the collar, tossing him out the window into the street. " Tyler shakes his masked head, then leaps out after urih S. I've got some stress to burn off, and I know Shiru can take it. " With that, Tyler leaps out the broken window, immediately darting at Hollow! He pulls the chokuto on his back out of its sheathe into his mouth, and charges at ! Regardless of whether it hits or not, if it gets the Hollowfied Shiru's attention, the wolf will quickly back away, using sonido to swiftly escape the confines of the city. There is a crash of thunder and it begins to rain."*Cough*... I know a trick too..." There's a deep blue glow coming from just below urih S's head.

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He sensed another fight going on, but for Harubo's sake he wouldn't get involved. And the fur gathering around her forearm, ending in vicious claws. He very slowly, very clearly backs away, while also trying not to look too weak. Then charges very quickly for a normal little girl, jumping over and behind the boy at the last second, throwing a vicious combo with her claws.((She's probably like 6-8. So likely very much smaller than Tyler, and that was going to be aimed at his legs, but we can just assume she went for the head instead.)) The girl hits the ground, obviously not listening. I don't wanna hurt you, and I don't want you to hurt someone else." He waits, hoping to maybe get her into a full nelson grapple soon. He'll keep trying to grab the girl, and failing that, he'll keep dodging. Mia snarls, but then turns her attention to the shinigami present. "The demonic Shinigami throws a piercing glare at Mia as escapes the area, opening a Garganta. Siegfried looks at her calmly, though she may notice that his hand is closed on his zanpaktou. I'm not inclined to let many die to save one." At Tyler's request, he sighs, and takes a small gamble, sidestepping the Arrancar to stand beside him, and saying one word to the wolf girl. How about we all calm down, maybe settle on a roof, and talk this over, huh? Senna pulls the hand off of her face and shouts to the dot in the distance, "STAY BACK! Abokku grabs a bottle of sake in its mouth and begins to pour two glasses. Giood thing your parents and sister are out of the house. Abokku fishes down into Shirubaru's pocket, and is down there a long time. says Abokku suddenly, its head still in his pocket. Look, when you have no arms, you tend to forget about pockets. Abokku emerges from the pocket clutching the faded, dirty, ash-stained package in its mouth, and sets it down on the kitchen counter. --Girikio" At this moment, Tyler crashes through the window, but it's too late. The package unwraps itself and a terrible red light shines forth to reveal... The mask extends suddenly white tentacles of bone which wrap around Shirubaru's face and begin to drag him down towards it."C... Some are wrapped in bandages, which wave in the slight breeze. "That said, I'd like to see if there are other things you like about me." He gives her a cheesy grin and waggles his eyebrows. I've been working on getting better with my powers and such." He munches thoughtfully, not looking at anything, or anyone, in particular. If you ever see a guy with blue tatooes around his eyes, run. "There is a war between us and the shinigami, but our leader has been focused on a specific plan. What wasn't destroyed by the beam is scattered by the blastwave. But the Hollow inside him is going to try and take over, and it's going to begin a rampage. The mask seems like a normal Hollow mask, but its toothy grin is even more insane than most, and it has an odd cross symbol on its forehead in the colour of dried blood. Giriko bats away with his free hand at the bird "I've had enough." He lets go of the weapon, sliding back into the air "If you really want to go to him. Then you'll have to be strong enough to make me draw my sword. If your so willing to die..make your friend die as well..I can do is try to stop you here." He removes the blade, still sheathed, from his belt "Forgive me...little Miss. Hoo is not an actual misty Zanpakuto, Memories of Autumn acts in other ways. At least, not all of them." He's munching on a sandwich as he walks the two of them to a remote park bench. "There are those among us who are bad people, though. "If you gather the energy at a single point, generally the one you find the easiest to focus your energy on, it can be fired in a much stronger blast. Cero." With that, the cero fires, and the cloud is gone. Please, oh gods, I have every confidence in y- The mask wraps itself violently around Shiru's face. As this happens, Abokku abruptly dissolves, with an impotent scream of rage and despair. Shirubaru shifts around to face Masato and Tyler, white bone crackling over to cover its entire body, spiky white bone reforming to replace his lower jaw. When pressed against a wall and a tank, the only place to go is at the tank. " she says, dodging another grabbing attempt from him, it's difficult to move a lot when she holds on to the Jo, his grip is much to strong for her to do that. Perhaps this guy is not quite used to fighting to people at once, or he didn't realize that Ed was standing behind Satoshi. Mia takes a bite out of her own sandwich as they talk, swallowing it a bit before he finishes. Siegfried might notice missing posters that look vaguely like the little girl he just witnessed... You say you target only Shinigami, but there's been several...incidents that seem like fights." He gets up and paces a bit. One of the other nice Arrancar, Elizabeth Rosemarie - sweetest girl in any world - Doesn't keep it a secret that she'd rather we coexist peacefully.""If it helps, the regular hollows don't work for us Arrancar, so you can safely assume any of those you see in the mortal world are smash-worthy bad guys." Mia sighs after downing the last of her first sandwich, having made considerable progress during Tyler's rant. At worst, we would lose some time to bring them to the 4th division for treatment. Hoping his captain had been operating under false assumptions, Siegfried begins to walk back toward the Quincy zone, hoping that the fight hadn't taken a turn for the worse while he was gone."I just imagined you and Palillo hooking up... "Part of this is because it's guided less by focused will and more by the instinct of the attacking motion." Mia points her sword at the same cloud, energy starting to gather at the tip. She expected to be frightened, revolted, something negative... Taking that as a positive sign, she sonidos in front of him, places her hands on his shoulders, and gives him a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I initially came here because I have a fondness of tuna sandwiches. The only mortal life I've ended is that of the man who ended mine. There goes another one." He sighs, starts hopping off along the air (note:my dialogue is correct; he does not have the mask on right now), throwing out over his shoulder, "I'm going to go find Masato. The Zanpakuto glows white and forms into a snow-white Jo-staffm the red vines running allong it shining with the warm shimmer of sunsets, and the bird of pure fire perches atop her left shoulder. Because you know he will jump in the way of anything to make sure your ok. " she points at the distant beacon of reiatsu, "You don't know Hoo! He didn't need to say the words for it to be as strong as it was. " and the embers flutter through the air, reforming into the bird yet again, and then, she shunpos off, hurrying as fast as she can, thinking to herself as she goes, "Everyone... Its been daaays since you said I should" gene moaned, complaining like a schoolboy told he couldnt go to the footbal game. Not good, not good, not good." he muttered, beginning to back away from the monstrous Shirubaru's approach. He then blurs out, faster than before, reappearing behind the creature, throwing multiple punches at it within an incredibly short space of time."Those punches... " It quickly slits its tongue and coats Uslimahara with the resulting blood. The cero doesn't fire, and Vileblood holds on to it until it starts going black. "Cero Oscuras."As Vileblood appears behind Satoshi, even before the cero is fired, both of Ed's blades leap forward in an attempt to lobotomize the creature. "I don't believe I got your name." "Tyler Nash Halstein, Living Vizard. With Arrancar like me, it's the reverse: We were hollows, we gained shinigami powers when we were unmasked, but at the core of our being we're still hollows." To drive this point home, Mia reaches to the bottom of her shirt and unzips enough so that her hollow hole is readily visible. He also keeps an eye out for spikes in Hollow reiatsu. "As for the war being complicated, it's not only hard on you. Request confirmation regarding 'abominations.' Abomination noted did not have any significant abilities, and would not be threatening to an unseated shinigami. The main difference is that you fire off the latter right away..." To demonstrate, she punches at a cloud with her free hand, sending a bala at it. Thanks for helping me out." As he turns back to facing where the Garganta was, she might hear him quietly say, "Damn. " a beautiful cry is heard, it is akinn to a thinn golden bell being rung, the same sound as the warm sunlight passing through the leaves of the forrest and breaking the dark clouds of winter, it almost sounds like snow melting. So how the hell is unleashing THAT on them any good! a captain's unreleased sword, even a bladed one, should be blockable by her shikai... Giriko snorts, lifting his hand "Sho" A massive blast lances at Senna, the flamnig bird dissolving from the blast. In the next instant, he was in front of Senna once more, his hand held out like a fake gun. thank you." She holds out her hand, calling out to the scattered flames arround her, "Hoo!

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