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Expected to attract 10,000 investors during the three day-event, AIM will discuss various economic issues related to emerging markets, mainly in the areas of services, transport and infrastructure, among others.

Many counties from outside the region are also participating which reflects the rising importance of the event on the global front.

Head to Bondi or Manly to soak up the sun and lively vibe or discover a quieter spot like Clovelly to relax and unwind.

Full of vibrant multicultural communities, idyllic beaches and national parks, it's no wonder it draws people from around the world.

Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, AIM’s Organizing Committee, said: “These regulations have contributed, along with many others, in creating an ideal investment atmosphere that will attract foreign investors.The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), the region’s leading economic event focusing on foreign direct investment (FDI), organized by the UAE Ministry of Economy, will highlight the role of FDI in the Arab and regional economies with a special focus on emerging markets.Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy said: “The 4th edition of AIM has succeeded in attracting representatives from 73 countries so far, which proves its position as the leading annual economic event in the region.This has also encouraged overseas companies to allocate more investment allocation to the UAE market.” Al Shezawi added: “AIM will discuss these topics, along with others, through numerous various seminar sessions focused on raising awareness of foreign direct investment and its role in allowing a sustainable economic boom.The next edition of AIM presents a pool of interests for investors and we expect the turnout of visitors to be very high.” The Annual Investment Meeting 2014 will attract the best international practices across various investment sectors.

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