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Ten years on, no one seems to be writing about it but the situation is at least as bad as back in 1999.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities is part of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and is responsible for the conservation, protection and regulation of all antiquities and archaeological excavations in Egypt.

The Sphinx in Egypt might have originally had the face of a lion, it is claimed.

And it could be much older than previously thought, investigations led by a British geologist suggest.

Schoch has argued that the particular weathering found on the body of the Sphinx and surrounding 'ditch' the monument was carved from, displays features that can only be caused from prolonged water erosion.Egyptologists have long argued the monument outside Cairo, which has the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion, was built soon after the first pyramid - around 4,500 years ago.The Great Sphinx's paws and head are out of proportion, suggesting there may have been an even larger, earlier statue which was adapted But geologist Colin Reader found that rain erosion on the Sphinx's enclosure suggests it was built many years before.This would place the time of construction somewhere between 2550 BC and 2450 BC.However the limited evidence linking the Sphinx to Khafra is circumstantial and somewhat ambiguous.

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