Silverlight textblock binding not updating

i mean they must be stored somewhere when application runs, so where would that be? i wanted to know how is this fact empowers DP compared to normal Prop'. so what is the difference when adding "readonly" statement in regular DP and Read Only DP? Maybe a silly question but what is the meaning of " Dependency" in Dependency Properties?

While cleaning out my inbox, I came across a few old emails that I missed during a recent crunchtime.

All themes (Aero, Classic, Luna Homestead, Luna Metallic, Luna Normal Color) define the exact same default focus visual style: This provides a dotted line around the control that has keyboard focus.

If you want something more elaborate, you can give an element a custom focus visual by setting its Focus Visual Style property.

Thank you a lot :) There is an miistake on Readonly Dependency Properties section.

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The new value is passed in the Event Args, the object on which the value changed is passed as the source.

Focus Visuals are Rendered within an Adorner The important thing to note is that a focus visual is not part of the target control’s subelement tree.

Rather, it is the child of a special adorner (Focus Visual Adorner) that is dynamically created by the keyboard navigation manager.

It checks if a local value is available, if not if a custom style trigger is active,... This method resolves the value by using a value resolution strategy that is explained in detail below.

If a local value is available, it reads it directly from the dictionary.

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