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Nevertheless, you can upgrade a jailbroken i Phone to i OS 10. The Pangu app icon is now installed on i OS 10 firmware. Select i Cloud then “Storage & Backup” and turn off the i Cloud. Make a connection between your i Phone and the computer and launch i Tunes. It is really a good idea to consider backing up your i Phone by using i Cloud.

You need to download a suitable app like Pangu jailbreak app. In the screen that follows, you are required to rename the icon of the app. To get the latest updates of Pangu i OS 10 jailbreaks, you need to tap on this icon. How to Backup Jailbroken i Phone to i Tunes Before Upgrading to i OS 10 i Tunes is capable of extracting settings, messages, saved games, documents, camera roll, Home screen and app organization among others. In an event where you have lost your data, either due to restoration or any other problem that result in loss of data, you can easily retrieve as long as you have an internet connection.

With due credit to jailbreak app developer, Jibril Gueye, it is now possible to backup all your Cydia tweaks and sources on your i OS 8 device and save it locally or via cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and Sky Drive using PKGBackup, as detailed in the tutorial below.

The backup app is available for download via Cydia's Big Boss repository for just .99 and brings support for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch running on i OS 8.

As veteran i OS jailbreakers would admit, it is always a wise decision to backup your Cydia apps, tweaks and sources regularly in order to avoid losing your prized possession, as new firmware update installations will inadvertently wipe out all user data including jailbreak apps and sources.

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To get this upgrade, you are required to download a suitable app. Using Pangu jailbreak app, you can Upgrade Jailbroken i Phone to i OS 10 as outlined below. On your i Phone, launch Safari web browser with i OS 10 firmware running. You need to ensure that you are connected to the computer which has i Tunes. The following steps show how you can extract data from your i Phone by using i Cloud backup. i Cloud will successfully backup your data within a very short time.

Now that you have backed up all your important data relating to jailbreak, let us move on to the process of restoring your favourite Cydia apps and tweaks from the backup.

How to restore Cydia Tweaks and sources from a Backup After you have updated your device to the latest firmware from Apple and re-jailbroken the same you can go ahead and restore all your Cydia apps, tweaks and sources, using the step-by-step guide given below.

You might want to upgrade, you might not find jailbreaking all it's cracked up to be, and you might want the extra security that comes from having a non-jailbreak version of i OS on your i Phone.

Importantly, you might want to take your i Phone in for repair. Fix that first." Read next: Complete guide: How to update i OS on i Phone or i Pad For its part Apple is very clearly against jailbreaking.

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