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Jerry and Beth escape into the restaurant's freezer, and the Mr.Meeseeks began taking hostages to coerce Jerry to come out.The giant, Dale, appears smelling Rick and Morty and is about to start looking for them (with the intention of eating them) when he suddenly slips over and bangs his head on the corner of the table, killing himself.Dale's wife and son walk in and see the scene, and Rick and Morty are quickly arrested for Dale's murder.Morty leads Rick on an adventure through a fantasy world.

Morty and Rick climb up a giant plant stalk to the Giant's world and wait on the giant's table for him to emerge.Jerry almost gives in, but Beth encourages him to try his golf swing one last time.Jerry emerges from the freezer and uses a severed pipe and tomato to prove that his swing has improved. Meeseeks celebrate and disappear, all except for one 'stickler' Mr.The villagers then ask Rick and Morty to meet their king, who turns out to be Mr. Morty quickly convinces Rick to open a portal to leave.The duo are gone briefly before Rick's hand re-emerges from the portal with a laser gun, shooting and killing Mr. The trauma of the restaurant incident helps patch together Jerry and Beth's relationship for the time being.

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