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For some reason there are plenty of closeted married dentists. The best thing about sex with a priest is the conversations afterward.

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I've been having sex with a priest off and on for nearly 3 years now.I stayed the night, but before we fell asleep, he told me he had to work in the morning--some sort of "counseling" job. (He hadn't shut the door the night before so I didn't know there was anything hanging there until the morning.) His "clothes" turned out to be his priest's collar. Too bad, I would love to meet a nice silverdaddy priest in nyc.From the old "Your whoriest moment" thread: In the late 80s, I had sex in the upper section (business class) of a 747 flying from JFK to Rome, Italy.The younger one told me that "all" the Priests had their eye on me every time I came to the gym.Like R7, both were worried that I would tell, but I never would. I might add, I don't think I have ever net a Priest who wasn't gay. Left, came out in the 80's and eventually became a very successful documentary filmmaker.

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