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[ASSETHERE=image] Our resident Zara expert tells us that now is the best time to shop because the freshest, best quality and most-likely quite limited edition versions of what’s set to be big are in store.

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Take the at-first-questionable shot of a brown suede jacket with mustard trousers. But a visit to the store shows a big section of items in the colours merchandised together almost like the Zara powers-that-be are trying to subliminally convince us this is a good thing.

The Spring version has just arrived and it’s been made to look like it might have been shot on the world’s most casually stylish street, as the inhabitants nipped out for milk having haphazardly thrown on the nearest pile of items they could find which are obviously just the things which we really want, nay, need.

We nipped down to our local Zara and had a scout around online and have decided there are several ways to approach to shopping this lookbook (don’t ever accuse us of not getting technical when it comes to getting shopping strategy).

I guess the best analogy for this kind of business would be a record label.”Think of Fabricly like the “anti-Gilt.” Ari explained, “Gilt exists because there’s this sort of excess of product out there, although I know that more designers are making stuff especially for Gilt, but essentially it’s an overstock sale site because there’s too much product and we want to turn that model on its head and only actually produce things that people actually want to buy and that people actually care about.” Producing only what the customer wants is a big part of Fabricly, facilitated by the fact that they produce everything themselves. And who wouldn’t want their clothes produced, sold and marketed at no cost or risk?

“Because we have very short lead time we can produce stuff almost on demand and everything is produced domestically in the U. Soon, however, Fabricly will be turning over some of the scouting process to its users.

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