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In her bed, Mei looks at the sheep keychain that Kento gave her. Kintarou tells Mei that she should be aware of this early on, that he won’t make her inherit the Hongo family estate.She thinks that it is the first birthday gift she received from him. Shibata parents are surprised and Rihito just looks at Kintarou.Last updated on October 1st, 2012, am I will just say... The main character, Mei, has the body and brains and maturity of a preadolescent.And despite that, she is extremely sexualized by the artist and viewed lustfully by at least (3!AQUÍ pueden leer una reseña de una amiga que es fan del manga, para que se hagan más ilusiones de leerlo.* Links de Descarga y para leer online en español editados.Y agregada la pagina de Facebook en Inglés, donde encontraran hasta el Ultimo capitulo del manga, pero son solo las raws hay que esperar los subs : D.

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I have been reading the chinese scanlations, and the story will not be improving at all for the next chapters.

Ella termina cortándole el pelo por las cosas feas que le dijo, Kyouta le hice que debe pagar con su cuerpo por lo que hizo, pero a cambio ella le arregla el pelo cortándoselo mas aun!!

Después de eso, Kyouta inesperadamente la besa y jura que la hará su mujer. Pero déjenme decirles que es impresionante la manera en que cada capitulo te atrapa más y más.

Please don't waste your precious time reading this, unless you like the drama with unpleasantness with the main character practically looking like a kid begging to be with her oh-so-sexy-butler.

I also hope that Rihito forgets about her and move on with his pathetic life....

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