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Having been abandoned by aforementioned young maiden I joined Lever Brothers for a few years in their Sales Division. If Mike Lundy happens to read this, I still have a copy of the minutes of the meeting of his first meeting as chairman of Hout Bay Round Table at which I was a guest. In 1984 I joined Lions and was President of Randburg Lions in 87/88 and President of Northcliff Lions in 10/11. On completion of his time at the Botha, John returned to the Transvaal starting work as an official learner at Ellerton Gold Mine before transferring to Buffelsfontein near Klerksdorp. Next was the ‘Jan Haywood’, another voith, also very good. He was not a seagoer.02/1963 – 10/1968 – Cadet to Third Officer with Safmarine. 08/1986 – 07/1987 – Owner/skipper of own fishing vessel. In 1962, having been in London for a while, making friends with a bunch of Aussies, David went off to Western Australia where he worked for Elder Smiths Ships Agency as a boarding officer. Served as Assistant Port Captain in Port Elizabeth until 1996 when appointed Port Captain in East London. 2006 retired but continued with pilot and tug masters training. Obtained first class extra certificates in navigation and seamanship, etc. He was Senior Harbour Pilot in Cape Town in the 1950’s and in East London in the 1970’s. This was a very prestigious decoration awarded to Warrant Officers, Senior Ratings and Junior ratings in the Navy as well as to personnel in the other services “for distinguishing himself by outstanding acts of resourcefulness, perseverance or personal courage or by his outstanding leadership or responsibility and personal example against an enemy in the field”. 1990 Promoted to regional sales manager and moved to Johannesburg. Sailed with Unicorn Lines and Durban Lines 1971 – 76.At the end of 1964 the travel bug bit and spent the next 4 years travelling and doing too many different jobs to enumerate, amongst them a Butlins Holiday Camp Red Coat (Bag man) and a test driver for MIRA (Motor industrial research) I think their philosophy was that if you could drive on South African roads you could drive anywhere. Had a lot of fun and met some wonderful people along the way. In 1957 he met his wife to be, Gloria and moved to Carletonville where, while studying for a mine captain’s certificate, he was posted to Western Deep Level as shift boss. Last in the tug line was the ‘Bart Grove Shuttle’ which I enjoyed but compared to a voith, well one does get spoilt. Was first class boy Petty Officer and obtained first class certificates in both scholastic and seamanship ta the final examinations of the S. 10/1968 – 06/1969 – Second Officer with Durban Lines. In 1965 he moved into insurance and in 1968 into real estate – and that became his lifetime work. Served three years as a cadet but left in Durban to join Crown Mines in Johannesburg. One of many from Rondebosch Boys’ High, ‘Mozwate’ (later ‘The Junkman’) Briant attended the General Botha and while there became the tenor drummer in the band and attained the dizzy heights of badge cadet. 1990 2002 stayed in the Johannesburg in the Pharmaceutical Industry but moved into marketing (with first Glaxo and thereafter Janssen-Cilag). Various positions, including retail manager for Central African territories, leaving in 1968 as Real Estate Manager. Then worked for pharmaceutical companies until moving to Canada in 1998 where he worked in the IT industry, 2005 TLE Manager for Wal-Mart. Around about that time he was also Honorary Secretary of the Cape Town Branch of the General Botha Old Boys Association, successfully helping its early development.1967 to 1968 Personnel Division at Whitehall (Admiralty). After the war attended Elsenburg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch for two years and have farmed ever since. After WWII he returned to stevedoring in Port Elizabeth and later became manager of Constructional Enterprises. Club records show that he had been a Cadet in SATS General Botha at Red Hill. Cape Town Tug Mate & Port Control 06/1989 – 05/1992 – S. Sea Products, Hout Bay, Master of MFV “Aster” 1995 – Tug Master at Fawley Terminal, Southampton, England. Joined T&J Harrisons of Liverpool and after obtaining Chief Officer’s Certificate joined Safmarine and sailed a Master. He boxed in the Western Province School Championships, where he won his bout; played rugby for the Botha; pulled in various whaler crews and played the base drum in the band, which has given him an extraordinarily strong back!! 11/1942 went to Alexandria to take over ‘Boksburg”. Retired to Huntington Beach California, known as Surf City.”1961 – 1970 sailed with British & Commonwealth and thereafter in various ranks with Springbok Line, Clan, Bowater Shipping and Union Castle. Apprenticed to Ellerman & Bucknall line and served in s.s City of Khartoum and City of Mobile. 1971 relocated to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and owned a Hardware Store until 1990, thereafter working in production. Reported in “Old Salts” 1947/48: has been appointed a Harbour Pilot in Table Bay Harbour Service. Returned to the Navy in January 1985 and was posted as Salvage Officer for the S. Returned to Simon’s Town formed K B Salvage and Fishing CC, purchased a 13m fishing trawler which he worked from Kalk Bay Harbour, sold 1995. Passed away 12/08/1996 from complications resulting from a burst ulcer.1985 came ashore, brief stint as Marine Cargo Super for Safmarine at the container terminal before becoming assistant training manager. On completion of his course in General Botha, Royson Arthur Claydon Fink joined the Anglo-Saxon Pretroleum Co, as an Apprentice, serving in the m.v. In February 1945 after spending his leave in England, he was transferred to their Goldshell, in which he was serving when the tanker struck a mine off Antwerp and was blown up.1969 to 1971 joined the defence sales organsiation. Deceased 12/03/96After leaving the General Botha went back to school for one year. 1947 started a camping and caravan hire business before forming the Port Elizabeth Express Delivery Service and P E Storage Company which he ran for 30 years. In 1959 I joined Smiths Coasters until August of the same year, then like many a better man before me I was lured away from my maritime endeavours by a young maiden of considerable charm. When Maury retired he was the Director responsible for Consumer Marketing at Mobil S A. He was confirmed in the Anglican Church (The Rec Hall) by the famous Bishop Lavis of Cape Town. Joined Portnet in 1970, served as Mate and Master on the Harbour Tugs in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Was one of the sea cadets that sailed the TS General Botha (previously the HMS Thames) from the United Kingdom to South Africa in 1921. 1996 established a tourist resort in Binga, on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. 1987 moved to Durban as Marine Personnel Manager for Safmarine. Navy as Confidential Books Officer in a civilian capacity. Son of Bertram Edward Claydon Fink and Blanche Muriel. It was mid-day and with the exception of a few memebrs of the crew, all were having lunch.

The chief officer and second engineer managed to board a life raft and while trying to assist other crew members were blown away from the ship. 1995 joined Kien Hung Shipping as their Cape Town Branch Manager. He was lost with flying-boat and crew over the North Sea on 29 June 1940. Completed his honours degree in 1993 and relocated to North America managing a regional office in Charlotte, USA, which handles pre and post contract services in the building trade. After many years in business in Johannesburg moved to Durban where he took over Ocean Sailing Academy with a partner. 2015 Financial Director, Vlocity Communications in Cape Town.sailed with British & Commonwealth Shipping Company until 1978. R.& H, Safmarine, Bank Line, Union Castle, Rennies, Smiths Coasters and the department of Transport. 1949 to 1952 served on three aircraft carriers in the Yellow Sea and Korean war. Then went to USA as Exchange Instructor in Navigation direction. joined Shell Tankers and when WWII broke out was at sea as a Deck Apprentice in the Shell tanker m.v. Then 26 years with a frozen food business, 17 of which were spent in George. is Commanding Officer of the South Afriacn Naval Reserve at port Elizabeth. Held this position for three years, and then moved to New York as Marine Superintendent. During this time was trained in all aspects of fire-fighting, fire-prevention, first aid and rescue methods.1973 – 93 – joined Eskom as Regional Auditor, Western and Eastern Cape and later in Natal. Still with Safmarine he then moved to container control as Lan Adminsitration maintaining the programs which tracks the movement of containers. After Bothie apprenticed to Union Castle Line and joined the R. Together with ‘Bunny’ Curran, the pair founded the South African Sail Training Association for Under-Privileged Youngsters. In 1988 he joined Peter Wilmott in Deep Salvage 1 as salvage master and operations manager, a saga of ambitious eccentricity which included the discovery of the wreck of the Waratah and involved several other highly unprofitable salvage operations. I am now in Johannesburg with MUR Shipping RSA Ltd/ Shipping Branch of Macsteel International as Port Captain/Planning. So this meant caravan living, two sons were were born and raised in a caravan.1986 moved to the Finance Division and became Senior Financial Accountant in various regions. In 1993 he returned to sea and sailed as Chief Occier with a Dutch coasting company for a few months. After two years, in which they managed to avoid doing each other serious injury, Peter and Mike parted company on the best of terms. Its very exciting as we own 11 Ships which are named African Eagle/Falcon all birds and we have about 40 Ships on Charter world wide at anyone time.”After Bothie returned to Johannesburg where he worked for the municipality and qualifeid as a motor mechanic. Joined the Royal Navy during the early days on the war serving on board H. Norm built a house at Caves Beach, Newcastle, NSW (very like Fish Hoek).The Wispeco Group has a policy of compulsory retirement at 65, they put up with me until 69 and a policy reshuffle saw the rule enforced. He enjoyed his sport and was selected for Western Transvaal and Griqualand hockey, as well as Transvaal spear fishing. 1992 – took part in first race Kersey to San Sebastian, Spain, to celebrate the traditional skills of Ocean Navigation. Son of Jacobus Adriaan Johannes Baard and Huibrecht Gertruida Christina, nee Dippenaar. He then joined the RAF and received his training in the USA, Canada and Engalnd, obtaining his wings in September 1943. Then moved to Swakopmund in Namibia where he worked on an uranuim mine for about 9 yaers. After Bothie apprenticed to British and Continental (S. Also worked for Tongaat Sugar in an engineering capacity and at one stage found himself at sea as a second engineer. 01/1976 – 02/1977 – Owner/Manager of Durbanville “Wimpy Bar? David and Julia have lived down in the south western corner of Western Australia at a small place called Dunsborough (25 kilometres south of Perth) for 15 years and fully believe they live in a paradise of beaches, wineries and good friends. ships and obtained Chief Officer’s Certificate, came ashore and joined Holland Afrika Agenyc. A particular fascination for Chinese Junks and a love of the Far East propelled him to join the China Navigation Company, where he served in the South China Sea and Western Pacific for five glorious and sybaritic years. 2013 Moved to Poland as Divisional Consumer Health Care Head still with BI.1949 – Joined a firm of Chartered Accountants as an Audit Clerk. 1980 – self employed as an Investment Property Broker. Have written a few academic books and focuses most of his time on social health matters. DFebruary 1943 – Cadet with Thesens September 1943 – Deck Boy with SAR Ships. May 1950 – joined Department of Sea Fisheries as an Able Seaman September 1950 – promoted to Chief Officer, 7 years, and Master for 2 years. Before finally retiring Keith moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town and ultimately settled at Silvermine Village, Noordhoek. In 1933 Frank Stilwell Coburn became an apprentice with Messrs.Currently [2014] I’m freelancing in both the garage door and swimming pool industry and generally not stressing too much. and worked for Union Castle Line in a shore position. This latter activity took him to Port Elizabeth where he continued in the air-conditioning business leading in due course to a partnership in Cape Town with his former Port Elizabeth manager. 1996 relocated to England, working for Zodiac in bulk shiping operations. Sailed as Third Officer with Safmarine and Second Officer with Unicorn, before going to UCT and studying Civil Engineering. 1974 – 84, Chairman nautical studies southern examining group, England. 1993 – Channel Islands triathlon supervet champion. He was killed in a plane crash at Woodborough, Wiltshire, on 18th October 1943.1962 – 68 – Cadet, 3/O & 2/O with Safmarine. Thereafter worked in Sacramento, USA, for 4 years before settling in Alaska in 1997 remaining in the computer industry.1941 Midshipman on ther battleship HMS Barham. He then joined the Harbour Service prior to the beginning of the war and at the outbreak joined the Crash Boat Squadron at Salisbury Island, Durban. May 1941, HMS Viscount North Atlantic convoys until 1944, after D Day. David is very involved with the local community; the rugby club and Gold Oldies rugby; a local choir; surfing and swimming off the myriad beautiful beaches and both are involved in the local Anglican Church. In 1970 joined African Coalng and worked his way up becoming Managing Director of the Company. During this time he met up with fellow Bothie boy Colin Ogg (51/52) and talked him into the idea of sailing a junk across the Pacific. Various positions on the Institute of Estate Agents. January 1944 – June 1946 – joined a Norwegian Company as an Ordinary Seaman, promoted to Able Seaman. Safmarine 1978 -1979, General Botha 1979, SADF Oudtshoorn 1980, Lt Marines 1981, IT Operations & contract programmer 1982 in various IT companies Deqtime, Ollivetti, Xerox. Started own companies, contracted in Saudi Arabia as project manager 2002 – 2005, Started own company Quintica Middle East in Dubai 2006 – 2011, sold company and now [2013] reside in Cape Town. Son of George Oldham Coburn and Jessie gertrude, nee Stilweel. Hogarth & Sons, serving in their Baron Dichmont and later in their Narragansett, when she was lsot in mid-Atlantic on 25th March 1942. Included 5 years as Cadet Training Officer both ashore and afloat.

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