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To begin with, there was no such thing as no-fault divorce.A divorce had to involve one "guilty" party, and one "innocent" party.When Debbie Reynolds is curling her hair and Dick Van Dyke is cutting his toenails, we see Debbie from behind and her reflection in the mirror.There are clearly two rollers pinned to the top of her head.Three is the magic number, according to a 2014 survey conducted at Emory University.Research shows that couples who date for at least a few years increase their chances of staying together.He's getting married to healthy-eating Tiffany as soon as the divorce becomes final...See full summary » San Francisco debutante, Jessica Poole, is marrying Napa Valley cattle rancher, Roger Henderson, and hopes her peripatetic father, "Pogo" Poole, whom she hasn't seen for years, comes to the...

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(See "The Gay Divorcée" for an example of a man who /doesn't/ follow this social rule, because he's a pig.)Now, also during this period, the usual rule was that the wife got the kids, and the wife and kids were entitled to be just as well off as they had been before the divorce. If a divorced woman were poor, she could probably leave the kids with a neighbor, because poor folks have been doing that for thousands of years, but for a middle-class divorced woman to do that would have been regarded as shameless freeloading. There were a handful of woman doctors, lawyers, and the like, but the closest pointer to the future was that there have always been quite a few women in computer programming.

In the next shot from behind again, the rollers magically reappear.

See more » SPOILER: Opening credits (and the musical score) begin when a conductor - having just walked across a field and set up a music stand - raises his baton, gives a downbeat, and "cues" the sounds of husbands and wives arguing from the houses in the neighborhood below.

Dick cuts a toenail that lands on Debbie's vanity table.

She is shot from the front where we see her flick the toenail off the table with no rollers on her head.

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