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Hi, I've followed all of the instructions here, but I get a "Malformed network data" error when I try to create a new repository location from eclipse.

I'm using svn://localhost for my repository location.

I try to use file protocol to configure a remote host in subclipse, that url gets appended after the eclipse installation folder, e.g, if I specify file:///subversion_repositories/repository1, subclipse using javahl tries to go to /home/leo/eclipse/file/subversion_repositories/repository1, which is not a valid path, assume eclipse was installed at /home/leo/eclipse.

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Thanx again for your feedback Regarding the user root, I suppose creating another user for it is more secure.

A2) If you want to access to svn server, you need svn client (CUI or GUI).

If you want to access to "/var/local/repos/xproject/trank" , from the client the address to access is "svn://your.svnserve.address/xproject/trank"Subclipse with javahl has problems..

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Liferay uses SVN to manage its code and there is a public repository available for the community to access.

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