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From their classic Surrealistic Pillow album, with Jerry Garcia contributing guitar.Judy Collins, "Hard Lovin' Loser." Yet another hit single that should have been, from her In My Life album.Tambourine Man." The Byrds probably would have never happened without him.2.Tom Wilson: The producer at the helm when Bob Dylan made his transition from acoustic folk to electric rock music, helping to facilitate the change by overdubbing electric instruments on Dylan's acoustic version of "House of the Rising Sun" as an illustration of the possibilities (unreleased at the time, this later came out on a Dylan CD-ROM).A great cover of a Richard & Mimi Farina song with an ascending harpsichord riff, barrelhouse honky-tonk piano, and convincing rock'n'roll vocals that totally outdistances the original.Richard & Mimi Farina, "Reno Nevada." The husband-and-wife duo's best song, a moody meditation on loss and chance, with a hypnotic minor-key melody and winding, wordless backup vocals by Mimi Farina.

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Bob Dylan, "If You Gotta Go, Go Now." Recorded in January 1965, but only released as a European single in 1967, and then later (in an alternate take) on his Bootleg Series Vol. A great hard-rocking number with an infectious chorus that could have been a big hit.Ochs had previously done this protest classic as a solo acoustic track.For a 1966 non-LP single, it was totally redone as a galvanizing electric number, with bursts of bagpipes at the beginning and end, and roadhouse piano runs throughout.Guaranteed to appeal to fans of the mid-1960s Byrds and Beau Brummels.Dion, "Baby, I'm in the Mood for You." A cover of an obscure early Bob Dylan song, recorded in September 1965, but sadly unreleased until the 1991 CD compilation Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965).

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