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The focus of the 2018 Quilt Study (QS) will be “200 Years of Solid Color Quilts, 1800 to 2000”.

The Quilt Study serves as a way to learn about our quilt heritage and to promote AQSG.

In their written statement, participants examine what they learned and evaluate influences on the original quiltmaker’s life, style, and technique.

AQSG invites members to create a study quilt for the tenth biennial AQSG Quilt Study.

This outstanding quilt is now the second-oldest silk patchwork quilt known to exist in the Western world.

Made of multi-coloured pieces of silk, velvet, linen and cotton, the bedcover bears the appliquéd date of 1726 and the initials IN.

The AQSG Quilt Study challenges members to learn the history of an individual quilt by selecting one that addresses a specified design, style, or period, and then make a small replica or interpretation of it.During the 1930s, her father was a management consultant in a Georgia textile mill.Her mother was a talented needlewoman who taught Helen to sew at a tender age.It reminds you of the basic facts about quilt styles, fabrics, fillers, sizes, borders and edges, patterns, signatures, dyes, and printing techniques so that you can quickly identify when a quilt was made.It is a one-of-a-kind, quick reference to the characteristics of quilts from 1600 until the present.

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