Dating photo postcards

Additionally some of them are presented in collections below, by subject, place, or photographer."One of these days" I'll get them all arranged by collection.Windy took over the flight two months after it was instituted and stuck with it for two years. Woodrow Wilson, who with her husband had witnessed the first flight. A stop-over was made in Philadelphia and finally a change had to be made to another plane because of radiator trouble in the original water-cooled plane.This run from Washington to New York City was the first in the world to have a continuous airmail schedule. Smith also operated an aerial circus in Washington before beginning his air mail flights.Political correctness and a change in social attitudes to sex were blamed for their decline, and in 1990 the firm closed.

I checked Millport lodge, as an example, and recognize the names shown. vid=OCLC02142495&id=u Doi AAAAMAAJ&pg=RA2-PA301&lpg=RA2-PA301&dq=millport&as_brr=1#PRA2-PA301, M1 Luzerne County Federalist, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1806 [Athens was one of the earliest post offices in the wilderness of this area] List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, April 1st: John Thomas NOREWELLE, Athens Jonathan BARNES, Athens Moses PARK, Athens Saml.Try them all to be as familiar with the site's 16,000 plus pages as you can.Stop groping in the dark and take the lighted path.‘Maybe they’re not to everyone’s taste — but if you can’t laugh at Bamforth postcards, what can you laugh at?They’re classic images which have really stood the test of time.’But it was the saucy postcards, launched in 1910, which sealed his firm’s reputation, selling 14 million a year in their 1950s heyday.

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