Dating hypothyroid

Received date: November 15, 2016; Accepted date: January 18, 2017; Published date: January 25, 2017 Citation: Zorkin NG, Golts M, Fernandes VC (2017) Severe Hypothyroidism Presenting with Acute Mania and Psychosis: A Case Report and Literature Review. doi:10.4172/2472-1077.1000116 Copyright: © 2017 Zorkin NG, et al.

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He first sought treatment for depression 6 years prior to this episode and was treated with paroxetine and quetiapine.

One week later, he was deemed medically stable and transferred to the inpatient psychiatry unit for diagnostic workup and management of acute mania and psychosis.

Visit for more related articles at Bipolar Disorder: Open Access Introduction: In patients presenting with acute mania and psychosis, it is important to rule out organic causes of their symptoms.

Patients with severe hypothyroidism may present with psychosis and less commonly with symptoms of mania.

In addition, elevated creatine kinase plasma 4490 unit/L (reference range 0-240 unit/L) and creatinine 210 umol/L (reference range 55-105 umol/L) were present.

He was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis with acute kidney injury and severe hypothyroidism.

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