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The test of PART I is at the end of the Semester (in February), the test of the PART II is at the end of the second Semester (in June). During the semester the student can train himslef following the Exercise Practice and the Tutoring, to verify his/her level of preparation. The mark of each test is valid for 1 year and half starting from the date of the test. The registration of the final mark will be done after both the two tests have been passed with success. Esercitazioni: 20 ore, 10 ore per la I PARTE e 10 ore per la II PARTE Durante le esercitazioni il docente svolge alcuni problemi alla lavagna con tutti i passaggi, seguendo il programma che viene svolto durante le lezioni frontali. At the end of the cycle of lectures, before the examination session is started, a typical text of the test is provided to the students, in order to show how it is organised.

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The student must acquire the skills and competences needed to solve simple problems and to asnwer to questions about the basic taught concepts. Tutoring: 20 hours, 10 hours for the PART I, 10 hours for the PART II During the tutoring a few problems to be solved are assigned to the students. After the Practice the solution of the problems is uploaded on Campusnet website. Potenza -Quantità di moto e conservazione della quantità di moto. PART I -Introduction about physical quantities, dimensional analysis, order-of-magnitude, significant figures, scalars and vectors.

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