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Guided by Charles and some of the best PR expertise the royal family ever had the wit to employ, Camilla has won over the great British public, and with them, the strongly conservative Queen Elizabeth II and duke of Edinburgh.

The scale of her achievement can be seen in Charles.

Camilla has now evolved a style of her own, with a judicious repertoire of shapes and colours, a heavy reliance on hats, and a look that never changes.

In this, as in her discretion and public self-control, she is increasingly taking on the feel-good mantle of the late Queen Mother, still admired for her unvarying image and rock-solid reliability.

While his last visit was in 2001, it didn’t have the wattage of his 1991 tour with Diana.

That’s one of the reasons why, insiders say, he has been pressing to return for a while.

” The future King Edward VII had indeed begun a long affair with the luscious Alice Keppel in 1898.

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The family got over all that, and they got over Camilla, too. Legend has it that Henry II hid his fair Rosamund in a bower before she ended up in a nunnery in around 1176.

Years later, after they began their extramarital affair, the cost to Camilla came as decades of ducking and diving, till Diana revealed the secret in a kamikaze attempt to shatter the marriage if she could not break that bond. Alone and hung out to dry, she endured torrents of abuse that her royal lover was powerless to prevent.

Now Canada will see her rebranded and reborn, HRH the duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay and lady of the Isles, no longer Charles’s dirty secret and the wicked witch poisoning Diana’s life.

Resolutely uncool, they don’t pretend to be anything other than a couple in their sixties, yet the physical attraction between them is plain: when Camilla recently patted Charles’s backside at a military base, it was a reminder that he has a good sex life with her.

This showed another of Camilla’s great strengths: her pleasure in meeting people and her ability to act naturally in public.

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